Welcome to Administering Medications the Right Way Online Program

Administering Medication the Right Way (AMRW) is a comprehensive medication administration program that will help you learn the information you need to administer medications safely. It is a self-paced, easy to use and convenient online program that uses state of the art technology.

Just think...

As a student you can:
  • Using state of the art technology, learn to administer medications at your own pace in the convenience of your own home.
  • Practice the skills at home and be prepared to demonstrate to your nurse trainer.
  • Feel comfortable and confident in your knowledge of administering medications.
  • Present your certificates of completion to your employer or potential employer.
  • Complete this program to administer medications safely and be prepared for employment.

As a trainer you can:
  • Have your students take Administering Medications the Right Way online at home and come prepared for knowledge validation, and skills practice and evaluation.
  • Outline your expectations prior to the online program. For example, what skills to master.
  • Monitor your students progress throughout the online program.
  • Validate your students knowledge and skill competency upon completion of the online training.

As an administrator you can:
  • Have the ability to re-engineer your nurse educator roles to focus on skills and skills competency.
  • Have flexibility in scheduling staff education.
  • Have a standard measurement (the same information taught) to all staff, creating a baseline to measure quality.
  • Track student's progress.
  • Call CC&R Healthcare Solutions at 1-877-539-0109 for alternative pricing for continuous enrollment.